Have you lived a pretty awesome life but lately have been feeling “not so cool”?

On the outside, you still look like the sharp, put together woman but on the inside you might feeling like:

You’re stuck in a rut

You’ve lost your spark

Your focus is on everyone else but you

Something is missing but you are not quite sure what that is

You want some passion back in your life

But even if you have these feelings, you keep pushing ahead filling your calendar with things that aren’t necessarily filling your soul. Why?everything is on other side of fear

Because you might be afraid to admit that you aren’t truly happy. Or you fear that it might be too late to make a change. Or sadly, you can’t even imagine what a passionate life, career or relationship could look like!

I get it –  I’ve been there.

My first job out of college was working on a presidential campaign which launched me on a path that took me all over the country working for some of the most powerful and influential people in the United States.  As a political fundraiser, I raised more than $10 million dollars for elected officials including President Clinton and Mayor Richard Daley. In my 20’s I had my own 6 figure business with an office in Chicago just off the “magnificent mile “.  I had it all the connections in my professional life but not in my personal life.

So when I met my future husband who wanted to move back to his small hometown in northern Minnesota just a couple hours from the Canadian border, I said “why not!”  I had no clue the journey that would take me on for the next 10 years. On the outside everything seemed great. But it wasn’t.  I wore a mask of perfection but inside I was struggling with severe panic attacks and anxiety.  We adopted three children from Guatemala but each trip was a challenge in controlling my panic attacks. During this time, I was a Marketing & Development Director for the local hospital so again, while my outer world seemed successful by most people’s standards, I was in the mode of hiding the severe anxiety the winter months of northern Minnesota created for me.

It wasn’t until I finally reached my breaking point when I was sitting in my home facing another long winter scared of the darkness, the long nights and the never ending cold that I said, “ENOUGH!”  I made a decision to take off the mask.  It was hard work but when I was willing to face the fear, get professional help and do the hard stuff, I was able to create a new life for myself.  One thing I know for sure is that if I can do it, so can you.

Is there a mask that you’re ready to take off? You can chose today to create a new life for yourself.  I guarantee that if you’re committed to making a change and willing to do the work with some tough love from me, you can:

  • Gain more confidence
  • Experience renewed energy and be excited to get out of bed every day
  • Feel passion about what you’re doing again
  • Accept who you really are with all your amazing talents

How would you like to have that? As a life coach I work with a variety of life circumstances, so if you see yourself below, let’s connect:

woman by seaÞ Women who are looking for a career change

Þ Stay-at-home moms wanting to reenter the work force

Þ Women entrepreneurs  struggling to get their business off the ground

Þ  People who have reached their own breaking point whether it’s relationship, body or other life issue

When you’re ready to say “Enough! I’m ready to take the mask off”, contact me at kathleen@kmchangeisgood.com or call me to set up a time to talk at 218-780-5800


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